Monday, February 7, 2011

The Nature-Connection of the Human-Connection

I have been a biodynamic practitioner since 1999, when cranial teachers really didn't know how to teach biodynamics. It is truly hard to teach. I learned the movement of the cranial bones, the cranial nerves, the tides, neuroanatomy, presence, hand holds, and more, but the true essence of biodynamics lies in a combination of deep mystery, nature connection, and embryology. James Jealous calls it the Other Mind. In his Maine accent he says, "you know it's out there."

William Sunderland used to say that Primary Respiration is around us as well as within us. James Jealous, one of the teachers carrying-on the tradition of biodynamics, says that the Wisdom is Outside the Body. For me, it starts with Nature-Connection, an acknowledgment that there is a big world out there, an intelligent world, a more than human world. The potency of nature is living and breathing.

I also feel the poetics of life. Quite often when I first put my hands on a client, I hear the words Big Love. Then, Big Hearted Woman. Then, Oh for the love of a Big Hearted Man. Words just begin to flow. Sometimes I track them as I begin a session and I say, one day, I will write them down. When I am in a trance, relaxing, these words often come back to me like a song. Is this the dreaming that James Jealous talks about?

A long time again, perhaps in 2000 or 2001, the following poem came to me while I was holding a client, just like that. I have kept it all these years. It symbolizes the craniosacral approach for me:

The Greatest Mystery by Kate White

Let me witness your wilderness

No taming here

No conquering

Let me share in your wilderness

This foot, this bone

My blood holding your blood

My healing waters rushing into yours

and yours into mine

Let me witness your wilderness

For in the wilderness

is the greatest mystery

And in the greatest mystery

The greatest love

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  1. Thank you Kate for your deep and wise insights. I am new to this practice of biodynamic craniosacral and find it hard to find my way in this big field at times. I have felt the deep connectedness and peace of the long tide and it makes me go deeper into myself and feel the great mystery. I ever wanting to feel more into this place.