Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Starts With Hands On

It starts with hands on. I center myself, feeling into the depth of my body, my consciousness, I breath and connect with my own Long Tide. I sink deeper and wait and listen with my hands, my ribs, my diaphragm, my pelvis, all that I am. I listen with my Heart, and in the listening an image often appears. It has been that way since I was trained in the biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

On this day, I am holding the occiput of a 62 year old woman. She is dynamic and intelligent. Her work takes her deep levels of understanding humanity. She has been my client for 16 years. As I am holding her, I relax, I settle, I listen, I allow, and an image appears. It is a seaside with a view of the distant horizon. There are no waves at all and I get the feeling the water has a high salt content making it very viscous and buoyant. I wait and feel into the image with my body, with my heart. As I settle, I see the beach is not sand but stones. I smile. How interesting. Such detail. I stay there and just relax, holding the client.

As I end the session, the client gets off the table and says, "That was fantastic!" I ask, "Did you dream?" and we trade our experiences. When I tell her about the ocean view I had, she says, "That is an exact description of The Dead Sea." How was it that it appeared in my consciousness, in my mind's eye? Such mystery.

This blog will be description of my exploration of the biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The next few years will be an exploration into the phenomenology, or felt sense, of this approach. I believe our inner world is connected to the natural world. The osteopaths of old (Sunderland, Fulford, Becker) have also said that the Primary Respiration exists in the world around us as well as within us. I intend to explore it and describe it here. Enjoy it with me.

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