Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Actually Starts Before "Hands On"

I sit waiting for my client. I always like to do a brief meditative sit before each client arrives. I usually sit where the clients do and complete a body scan I learned from Myrna Martin, my teacher, following my body along in the same order that it develops embryologically. Then I watch my mind pendulate trying to find practitioner neutral. Sitting then, attentive, watching my breath, feeling very settled, I wait. I often feel like I could sit for a very long time like this, watching, waiting, calling myself back to the present moment.

One day, as I was sitting, waiting, watching, being open and receptive, an image came into my mind. I always sit to clear and prepare for the person coming. This time, the image was of a playground. "How interesting" I thought. It was kind of old with swings and a merrigoround, and old one. I watched as my mind scanned around to the landscape and I saw it was like a desert. "How interesting," I noted again. There were desert plants there. An armadillo was that? Wow, that is strange, then my client of the hour walked in with a t shirt on that said, "I'm from Texas." Oh, I remarked to myself. That's why the image. The way was open for her. She was an emergency client coming at the recommendation of someone I knew. She was visiting from Texas.

I cherish my work with people. Today, as I sat waiting, listening to the deep stillness within, my body remembered holding a child earlier that day. She is so vital and her bones so expressive, so eager to connect with me. I languished over the memory of the connection, my within to hers. It is such a beautiful thing, the craniosacral therapy.

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